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The bulk of our business. We provide accurate, reliable bookkeeping in a fast and timely manner. Our goal is to make sure that your bookkeeping records are accurate and that your government regulatory filings are made on time. These include but are not limited to processing your payroll and filing your gst returns.

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We provide tax preparation services for a variety of different clientele. We file personal or corporate tax returns for individuals, partnerships, families, farms or businesses. We make sure to stay up to date with the latest tax updates and planning strategies for small businesses and have created various relationships with tax lawyers and CPA's to make sure you are provided with the best tax advice.



This is a very broad category. We provide your corporation with financial statements, we can create, restructure or dissolve your corporation. We file annual returns and minutes to keep your minute book up to date. we can provide individuals or partnerships with trade names or business numbers. The list is endless.


Incorporations, Share Transactions, Minute Book Management

We can incorporate your small business and bring you to the next level. We offer basic restructuring of your corporation, annual returns, minutes, and the most affordable minute book management in the area.

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